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Meet Allen and Natalie Belcher

In 1975, Allen began working for the Ming Auto Beauty Centers corporate headquarters  located in Overland Park KS picking up and delivering vehicles for dealerships and customers.  Allen worked his way up the ladder holding many positions throughout the shop.

From 1980-1983,  Allen was the training facilitator for licensees opening new franchises throughout the U.S.   He trained owners, their management and employees all facets of the operation.
From 1983-1987 He managed the corporate store located in Overland Park Ks.

Allen and Natalie were married in the fall of 1983 and by late 1985 they were looking for a location to open "their own"  Ming Auto Beauty Center.  They knew they wanted to stay in the Midwest and traveled to multiple cities looking for the perfect location.  They hadn't found  a location that suited both of them and corporate was looking to relocate so they knew they had to make some decisions as to their future in the auto detailing industry. 

Allen received a call on July 17, 1987 from the Ming franchisee located in Lincoln NE and he informed Allen that although he had only had his store open for 6 months he was closing the door on August 1st and asked if he knew of someone that would be interested in purchasing it. 

Allen and Natalie visited the Ming Center and the city of Lincoln NE that weekend and 7 days later the deal was done.   On August 1, 1987 Allen unlocked the door to his own Ming Auto Beauty Center.

In 1990, Allen spent 3 months in Springfield MO learning the fine art of Paintless Dent Repair. They added Dr. Dent to their existing location and found it to be a great addition to their business. Over the years, services such as Sprayless Scratch Repair, paint blending, 3M Film application, Windshield repair were added as well.
In 2006 they purchased Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists.  This service was added to their existing location as well as two mobile repair facilities in Omaha NE and one in Lincoln NE. 

 Allen & Natalie Belcher and Sheila Day (their store manager and right arm since day one) performed all facets of the business for many years working until "the work was done"!  Allen continues to run the day to day operations and spends a lot of time with his customers, educating and informing them of services offered at Ming, Dr. Dent and Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists.

Natalie handles all accounting and HR aspects of the business and spends many hours helping customers as well.

We have watched South Lincoln grow around us. We have seen many businesses come and go in the area. Many of our customers we have known for years and we appreciate their business.

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